Planning to visit Hyderabad? Don’t miss the gift of Persia

Hello Chasers!

If you are planning your visit to Hyderabad endearingly called the Pearl City, update your itinerary and be ripe for a delightful treat. Wondering what you’ve missed?

Let me acquaint you with this much-coveted delicacy of the city.

It is a taste of Hyderabad which migrated with Iranian community to Hyderabad in the last 150 years, the Irani Chai or the Irani Tea. The Persians settled in the City of Nawabs on business purposes and left their taste as a gift to the city.

Irani Tea is savored best with Osmania Biscuit

There may be CCD, Starbucks or Barista, but nothing beats the Irani chai accompanied with Osmania biscuit at any time of the day. Osmania biscuit, which is named after the last ruler of Hyderabad State, Mir Osman Ali Khan, perfectly complements the chai.

The antiquity of the Chai along with the tantalizing aroma & taste are surely going to be a treat for your tastebuds. It is no exaggeration to stress that Irani Tea is to Hyderabad what Coffee House is to Kolkata.


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