The enticing aroma of Kashmir

Hello Chasers!

If there is heaven on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here!

The valley of Kashmir renowned for its alluring landscapes and shivering cold weather,  makes it a paradise. But the enticing Kashmir has more to offer, one of such thing is Kahwah (qahwah), the aroma of Kashmir.

Kahwah is a traditional beverage served in Kashmir valley. It is an aromatic green tea prepared from kahwah tea leaves, cinnamon bark, and cardamom and finally garnished with Saffron.

Kahwah ready to serve and delight you

Kahwah has a gloomy history regarding its origin. Many believe that Kahwah was introduced during the Kushan Empire (around 1st and 2nd century AD).

Today, it is consumed in many areas of Afghanistan, Khyber Pakhtunkwa, Gilgit Baltistan and north Punjab region of Pakistan.

Kahwah is a light drink and it has numerous health benefits. It keeps the body warm and also acts as a stress reliever.

This winter, take a sip of Kahwah and rejoice the culture of Kashmir.


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