The scrumptious Mussoorie

Hello Chasers!

The chase continues… and brings us to the queen of hills: Mussoorie.

Do you count yourself amongst those 99.99% chasers who reckon that the food always tastes better on mountains rejoicing the scenic beauty and amid a soothing breeze that engenders the utmost relief and tranquility? Obviously a sane yes! And if a No, the chase is going to apprise you to illuminate your perspicacity.

Mussoorie is a perfect location to footloose around in mountains and having some exotic, regional foods and beverages which can accrete the amusement to a different level. The chase lists the six best eateries & food outlets of Mussoorie which serve at a price that fits your pocket making your travel economical enough to give a delightful experience.

  1. Kalsang Friend’s Corner

A famous food corner located at Mall Road, Mussoorie. It is a paradise for Indian, Tibetan & Oriental food lovers; a compact, cozy and comfy place to banter with friends and relish the moment.

Personal Recommendation – Chicken and Mutton Momos, Mutton Shaptak, Mix Meat Flat Noodles

Approx cost for 2 – Rs. 906/- (Approx US $13)

flat noodles.jpg
Mix meat flat noodles
  1. Mom’s Kitchen

Located near Dominos, it is the best place in Mussoorie which serve homemade snacks. A must visit for all Maggi fanatics and for all those who miss Ghar ka Khaana. It is managed by a local resident who prepares homemade snacks and meals garnished with lots of love. The food reminds you of home even when you are far away from one.

Personal Recommendation – Maggi with cheese & butter

Approx cost for 2 – Rs. 60/- (Approx US $1)

Maggi ready to be cooked
  1. Café by the way

A perfect venue for a perfect evening; the café, situated at Mall Road, is best known for its shakes. It is the best place for some evening snacks like coffee and shakes. Apart from shakes, Cheese garlic bread is a delight to eat which is garnished with herbs and chilli flakes. It’ll fill you up with lots of melted cheese and spicy herbs to complement with.

Personal Recommendation – Oreo Shake with Cheese Garlic Bread

Approx cost for 2 – Rs. 500/- (Approx US $8)

oreo shake.jpg
Oreo Shake with majestic vista behind
  1. Lovely Omelette Center

One of the smallest eateries in Mussoorie which is believed to be India’s best. Started in 1918, the shop transformed the art of whipping omelette giving them a completely new texture & tang. Although the recipe is no secret, the shop has been awarded several times for the best omelette in the country.

Personal Recommendation – Cheese Omelette

Approx cost for 2 – Rs. 130/- (Approx US $2)

Omelette ready to relieve your tastebuds
  1. Little Llama Café

The café located near Union Church offers a marvelous vista of majestic mountains. If you are a connoisseur of fine Italian food, then this is a place for you.

Personal Recommendation – Smoked Pork with Red Rice, Hummus Platter

Approx cost for 2 – Rs. 1465/- (Approx US $21)

hummus platter.jpg
Hummus Platter
  1. Café Ivy

This is an ideal place for dinner with aureate lighting and appetizing aroma. It offers the best pasta and pizza in the city of Mussoorie.

Personal Recommendation – Arabiata Pasta, Italian Meat Pizza

Approx cost for 2 – Rs. 1200/- (Approx US $18)

Arabiata Pasta.jpg
Arabiata Pasta



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