8 Kumaoni delicacies not to be missed when in Uttarakhand

Hello Chasers!

Up till now, the chase has been a delightful experience with the chasers like you accompanying us throughout.

Yet again the chase has continued and brought us to the place where even gods decided to be vested in. Yes, we are talking about the Devbhoomi Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region; a place which is the jewel of the Himalayas. Kumaon is one of the regions of Uttarakhand which has a lot to offer. It includes the tourist spots like Nainital, Ranikhet, Almora, Binsar etc.

Kumaon is blessed not only with the scenic beauty but also with the aroma of the traditional Kumaoni cuisines, which is different in taste from rest of the country. Kumaoni food depicts the love and sweetness of the people and how much they are connected to their roots and the nature. So let the chase take us to some of the delectable food of Kumaon, giving your taste an unforgettable experience to have.

  1. Bal Mithai

If you are in Almora then Bal Mithai is a must to taste. Bal Mithai is the fragrance of Almora. It is a brown chocolate like fudge prepared from roasted khoya, coated with white sugar balls. If you are in Almora, don’t forget to taste Bal Mithai from Kheem Singh Mohan Singh Rautela sweets, which is a famous outlet in Uttarakhand for serving delicious Bal Mithai.

  1. Singori

Singori is the best sweet to exemplify the true picture of Kumaoni culture i.e. sweetness enclosed with a touch of nature. It is a famous sweet of Almora, prepared from khoya and wrapped with Molu leaf. The tantalizing aroma of Molu leaf and the pleasant weather of Almora makes it a sweet worth tasting.

  1. Bhatt ki Churkani

Bhatt ki daal has an age-old connection with Kumaon. Bhatt ki daal is a pulse which is also known as black lentils. Kumaoni thali is incomplete without Bhatt ki Churkani. It is a dish which is prepared from black lentils and specially cooked in an iron pot. It has many health benefits as well.

  1. Sana hua Nimbu

Your winters in Kumaon are incomplete without Sana hua Nimbu. It’s a unique dish, an add-on to Kumaoni thali, which you won’t get anywhere else in the country. It has a piquant taste. It is prepared from Lemon, Kumaoni reddish, curd and bhang seeds.

  1. Bhang ki chutney

Bhang ki chutney has a special place in Kumaoni hearts. It is chutney which is prepared from bhang (hemp) seeds. The plate of a Kumaoni is incomplete without Bhang ki chutney. If you’re in Kumaon, energize your taste buds with the tangy flavor of bhang ki chutney.

  1. Kumaoni Daal Bade

The festive plate of Kumaon is imperfect without Daal Bade. Whether it is Harela or any other Kumaoni festival, the crispy daal bade is a dish for celebration. Daal Bade is prepared from Urad daal (pulse).

  1. Pahadi Raita

You have tasted a lot of varied raita, but Kumaon has a different type of raita to offer. Pahadi Raita is a dish which is specially prepared in Uttarakhand from cucumber (pahadi kheera), turmeric, curd, green chillies and mustard seeds.

  1. Singal

Kumaon has a dessert which is sure to taste, Singal. Singal is a light dish which looks somewhat like jalebi. It is made from milk, sugar, semolina, curd, banana and cardamom.


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