Raspberry Vanilla Pudding – fall in love with this Valentine’s Day dessert!

Hello Chasers!

Take a halt! It’s Valentine’s Day!

When love is in the air with the heart singing loud the saga of love and care for its special one, we, the chasers, call it the time to halt and indulge your sweet tooth in some of the best romantic desserts to celebrate and cherish the love with your partner in the name of St. Valentine, who is best remembered as a romantic-heroic figure and the messenger of love.

So this Valentine’s, let us fall in love with the most romantic dessert “Raspberry Vanilla Pudding”; a very cute and delicious recipe that you and your sweetie will love to have!

Vanilla Pudding is prepared from a mixture of sugar, cornstarch, and salt combined with milk and whisked in the egg yolks and heated until the first large bubble forms and it sputters. Then, it is stirred with butter and vanilla extract into hot pudding and combined well. It is refrigerated for 3 hours before serving. The puddings are served with raspberries on the top which is the recipe for every successful and loyal relationship i.e., the trust with the topping of love!

Stirred vanilla with a topping of raspberry

The color, the look and the creamy taste of Raspberry Vanilla Pudding act as an aphrodisiac being served from the true heart. This Ishqholic Dessert tastes like creamy vanilla ice cream giving you a unique way to get intoxicated with.

So, add this dessert to your list and make this Valentine’s Day, the most special one for your darling! And let us know! How was your Valentine’s Day??


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