With love, From the kitchens of Bihar!

Hello Chasers!

The unrelenting chase has taken us to the uncharted territory of Bihar, a state in the eastern part of India, known for its glorious history and intellect worldwide. But blissful Bihar is also rich in the variety of indigenous cuisines it offers. It is a heaven for classic food lovers. The sheer simplicity of the ingredients used in Bihari Cuisines, love being the most important among all, give them an iconic status in the country. An expansive array of traditional dishes being cooked to perfection, served at the restaurants in every corner of the state with utmost amicable services, is what makes it tick.

Let’s accelerate our chase. So come with us, it’s time to savor the flavor of Bihar!

  1. Litti Chokha

Bihar and Biharis are incomplete without Litti Chokha. Every Bihari has a special love for this dish. It is prepared by baking wheat flour dough and it is stuffed with a mixture of roasted gram flour, lemon juice and spices which keep you longing for more.


  1. Malpua

The festive mode of Bihar demands the savoring of Mal Pua. Whether it is Durga Pooja or Holi, Mal Pua remains the epicenter of a Bihari thali. Mal Pua is the trademark of Bihar. It is prepared by making a batter of flour, milk, sugar and banana. It is crispy on the cladding and a little soft at the core.


  1. Balushahi

Bihar has a special affection for saccharinity and Balushahi bolsters it. The savor of Balushahi imbibes the bitterness and prospers joy and happiness. It has a sweet taste. It is made from shuddh desi ghee.


  1. Kheer Makhana

Kheer Makhana has a distinctive place in the Bihari cuisine. It is a gift of Bihar to all the dessert lovers. It is made from makhana which is crushed & heated and later added to milk and stuffed with dry fruits.


  1. Thekua

If something is missing from the list, it is Thekua/Khajuria. Chhath Puja is one of the prime festivals of Bihar and Thekua is its signature dish. Thekua is made from wheat flour, jaggery and deeply fried in ghee to give it a desired taste and color.


So, next time when you’ll be in Bihar, find yourself a company of a Bihari and experience the taste of Bihar!


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