…because the only love we need is Burrito love!!

Hello Chasers!

This time, the chase has taken us on a gastronomic odyssey to Mexico. With a pedigree dating back to pre-Hispanic times, Mexican cuisines are known for their intense flavors, a sheer variety of spices and overwhelming colorful decoration.

P.S. – By Mexican cuisine, we mean Tacos, Nachos, and Burritos.

The chase exclusively focuses on the grilled, steamed, spicy and gluttonous Mexican and Tex-Mex food, Burrito.The word Burrito which roughly means

The word Burrito which roughly means little donkey is originated from the Spanish word Burro which literally means Donkey.

Considering the nutritional facts, Burritos are loaded with calories. They are rich in Saturated fats, Sodium, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. They are also rich in Calcium which helps in strengthening bones and teeth. Also, they are high on Iron which helps in maintaining an optimum hemoglobin level and improves oxygen carrying capacity. Apart from this, you can use different ingredients for filling such as corn, beans, lettuce etc., which further adds to its nutritional value.

Deciding what type of burrito you would like to stuff your face in is really tough. So, we thought of making the process easy for you and thus we mentioned five of the most popular burritos around.

  1. Traditional/Mexican Burrito

Originated in the Chihuahua region of Mexico, this variety is the simplest of all and is stuffed with a handful of high-quality ingredients which is its unique selling point. Also known as Classic Burrito, its main ingredient is meat (normally beef). However, nowadays recipes often include cheese and salad.

Traditional burrito.jpg

  1. Wet Burrito

Wet burrito is a filled with some fine traditional ingredients but it is different from a traditional burrito as it is layered with red or green chili sauce and melted cheese on top. It is baked further for an extra spicy flavor to thrill your senses. The main ingredients are meat (usually shredded or ground beef), lettuce, salsa, cheese, and guacamole. Wet Burrito is also known as Smothered Burrito and Burrito Suizo in some parts of Mexico.

wet burrito.jpg

  1. Breakfast Burrito

It is a variety of American breakfast which is believed to be originated in California in the 1970s. As the name suggests, it comprises of breakfast ingredients such as eggs, bacon, avocado etc. wrapped in a flour tortilla garnished with Chorizo or Pepper. Break your fast with this fiery flavored burrito and kick start your day.

breakfast burrito.jpg

  1. Mission Burrito

Not named after some covert mission but after a district of San Francisco known as Mission, it is one of the largest burrito variety to be found throughout the world. Its ingredients are customizable and they are all packed in a jumbo-sized steamed tortilla. Its main ingredients are beans, rice, salsa, lettuce, pico de gallo, and jalapeno. The optional sides of Sour cream and Guacamole create the optimal blend of textures and tastes.

Mission burrito.jpg

  1. Chimichanga

A Chimichanga is a mixture of a variety of mouth-watering ingredients such as chicken, ground beef, cheese, bell pepper all wrapped in a crunchy tortilla. The wrap is then deep fried giving Chimichanga its ultimate texture. It is believed to have originated in Arizona which is even considering adopting it as a state food.


Now, we think we’ve made your selection procedure quite easier because it’s not just a burrito, it is a foil wrapped, hand-crafted, local farm supporting, food culture changing cylinder of deliciousness. So choose it wisely and do justice to your taste!!!


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