About Us

Welcome to SpiritChase!

 When two balls collide, they go apart;

When two same charges are kept together, they repel each other;

But when two food lovers sit together, they just talk about their favorite food and the food they had eaten at some place somewhere at some time. Their mouth full with water utters the words like Delicious! Yummy! Tasty! Delightful!

Food is to life as fuel is to engine. The better the fuel, the more is the life of an engine. Food runs the cycle of nature. A poor man works hard to bring a loaf to his family while a rich works hard to eat with luxury.

But we?

But we are not two, we are three chasers who love to chase around the world exploring new places and the famous food spots. The food depicts the true essence of the people, the culture, the history, the love, the colors, the beauty and the shadow of the place it belongs to and some see god in it; and we chase that spirit to make that experience alive through our words.

We don’t want you to miss anything famous while travelling that you shouldn’t.

So that there should be nothing to regret about later.

And you?

We want you to have that experience and tell us about what did you like about it?

We would love to hear from you.

Let us together celebrate this online food carnival and cherish something which is good to life, because all we live for is good food.

Aren’t we?

So… Keep drinking! Keep eating! And most importantly Keep chasing!


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